Organizations raise money!

Is your fundraising old and stale? Selling coupon books, discount cards and candy not cutting it? Try membership rewards fundraising.

Donors earn cash back!

Donors purchase memberships that raise money for your organization and allow them to shop at hundreds of online retailers and earn cash back on purchases.

Everyone benefits!

With no fulfillment or upfront costs and an easily marketable program, DonorSavings is a great way to fundraise or augment your existing fundraising.

Benefits & Membership Pricing

Simple program and pricing means easy selling process with amazing benefits that work for everyone.

Good For Organizations
  • Quick onboarding
  • Easy program setup
  • Minimal maintenance
  • High profit margins
  • Great revenue opportunity
Better For Donors
  • Low Cost Donation
  • Easy signup
  • No maintenance
  • Discounts
  • High cashback rewards
Best For Everyone
  • Cash back rewards
  • Coupon benefits
  • Top online retailers
  • 6 month membership
  • Supporting A Group!
How long does it take to set up?

Sign up and create your program in minutes by simply entering some basic information.

How soon can the organization get access to the fundraising revenue?

The money is available to the organization within a few days.

Are there limits to how much a donor can earn in cashback?

The cashback amounts might vary by retailer but there are no limits to the amount of total cash back that can be earned.

Is this fundraising program too good to be true?

Stop wasting time and start meeting and exceeding your fundraising goals today.


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Sign up today and be on your way to meeting and exceeding all of your organization's fundraising goals.

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