Donations and membership information.

What am I getting with my donation/purchase?
Your donation enrolls you in a membership rewards program. Each purchase of a membership helps the organization raise money and with a membership you, the donor, will receive cashback and discounts at 100s of online retailers in our marketplace
What is the cost and terms of a membership?
Each membership costs $20 and gives donors shopping privileges for 6 months
I have already purchased a membership from an organization, why should I purchase another?
For only $20 you can support as many organizations as you want. You can enjoy up to an additonal 6 months of cashback and discounts when you purchase memberships.
Can I renew my membership?
You can purchase/renew a new membership at any time from an organization as long as the fundraiser is ongoing.
What methods of payment can be used to purchase memberships?
We currently accept all major credit cards and will be adding additional methods in the near future.