Everything about members shopping in our marketplace.

What is the DonorSavings marketplace?
The marketplace is where donors/members go to shop at 100s of online retailers where they receive cashback and rewards.
What does it mean to earn cashback?
Cashback are rewards given to a donor/member from a store for making purchases on their website. This can be in the form of a percentage of the purchase or a flat fee.
How do I receive discounts?
Discounts are received through coupons and deals a store offers online through our marketplace. These discounts could be things like free shipping or a percentage off certain purchases.
Do all stores have the same cashback and discounts?
Stores define their cashback offers and discounts and they will vary between each one.
Does every purchase qualify for cashback?
There are exclusions with some merchants that may not earn you cashback or some purchases might be eligible for different levels of cashback.